Hand-crafted Sheep’s Milk Cheese

Broughton Hall Dairy is nestled in the heart of picturesque Suffolk and is run by Emily who specialises in crafting artisan cheese made from sustainably sourced Sheep’s Milk.

The journey of Broughton Hall Dairy began in 2023 with Emily’s passion for cheese ignited during the lockdown in 2020. What started as a hobby during challenging times evolved into a full-fledged artisan cheese enterprise, driven by dedication and love for the craft.

Our Signature Cheese

Pyghtle is a soft, lactic cheese. This means that there is a high level of lactic acidity in the cheese which naturally develops slowly over a long period as the cheese is made and then

Our Suppliers

Our milk is supplied from sheep which live outside all year long.
Both flocks we are supplied from have been bred with durability,
health, and hardiness in mind, as well as for good quality and abundant milk.

The Farm

Broughton Hall Farm, an arable farm located in the beautiful Suffolk countryside, has been owned by the Tydeman family since 1923.


Customer feedback

The cheese is unbelievably good! Each bite tells a story of craftsmanship and passion.

Sophie Jones

Broughton Hall Dairy brings a taste of tradition and authenticity to the table. A must-taste!

Charlotte Brown

Exceptional quality!

David Smith

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